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With over 37 years playing golf and 22 as golf professional, Dino Ferrer brings both his passion and his knowledge to the course, helping you believe & achieve!


Our successful Golf Academy is well known by golfers in the area and visitors as well. Using our experience and continuous training makes us leaders in our field. The improvement of our students is our goal and it brings us the satisfaction of a job well done. We have state of the art technology that we use only when it is necessary, so the golfer can get different points of view on his / her progress.

We are here to guide you in your learning path, because we believe that if the student is not learning the coach is not teaching. 



What some happy golf students say:  

"I am a more confident golfer now. Two years ago I took up golf and now my handicap is 12."

- Artem S.

"I never thought I could play good golf, but the lessons proved me wrong, my game has progressed so far that I enjoy playing competitions."


- Danielle C.

"I know now how to practice to reach my goals, before I was trying a different tip every time I stepped on the golf course."


- Carlos N.

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